Horse Riding Holidays

Freerein’s unique self-guided horse riding holidays . . .

Horse Riding Holidays

Horse riding holidays without guides

  • Two to seven day self-guided horse riding holidays
  • Bespoke, you only ride with the friends/family you book with
  • Start & finish on any days & dates
  • All ‘real’ horse riding holidays that travel to a new destination each day
  • Suitable for all competent riders

Hit the trail with Freerein horse riding holidays

Give your horse a brush, check the hooves, tack up, study the maps & routes, spring into the saddle and away into the hills on a Freerein Self-Guided horse riding holiday. You are riding one of our fit and friendly horses along your own chosen trail – and in the exclusive company of friends and/or family.

Just relax and enjoy the freedom and adventure of being out on your very own trail ride without other people you don’t know and a guide deciding what you do and when. The perfect horse riding holiday.

Available dates

Your trail can start and finish on any days and dates:

Now to Sunday 15th October
2018: Saturday 14th April to Sunday 14th October

So what do Freerein do?

Provide an individual bespoke service

You only ride with those you book with. Horse riding holidays can start and finish on any day of the week throughout our season. You can ride any duration from two to seven days.

Make all of the on trail arrangements

Freerein arrange your whole trail, book your accommodation, move your luggage and provide all the organisation needed to relax and enjoy your horse riding holiday. We also provide saddlebags to take your stuff for the day in and provide a basic first aid kit.

Provide your own individual route pack

Freerein provides your own unique route pack which includes maps and route descriptions of your trail. You find your own way using a two person system. One person reads the maps and the other reads the very detailed description of your trail.

Give you a dedicated help/query line to call

If you have any queries, problems or questions while out on trail simply ring us on the dedicated helpline number provided in your route pack. We are just a phone call away all the time you are out riding.

Is this horse riding holiday suitable for me?

All members of your party truthfully sign the declaration of horsemanship

“I am able to groom & tack up, lead a horse up & down tracks which may be steep & slippery, mount & dismount and am comfortable at the trot and canter. I can deal with a slipped saddle, a horse that shies or is daunted, and can cope with gates & traffic. I do not suffer from any illness or disability which could prejudice my safety in the hills and would be able to lead my horse up or down uneven tracks. I know that I shall be riding in the hills without a guide or instructor & that I do so at my own risk. I undertake not to jump or gallop Freerein mounts & to be kind to them at all times.”

Horse riding holiday pace

As you are your own group there is no particular pressure to ride at any pace on these horse riding holidays, you can start & stop when you want, enjoy the scenery and relax. You generally cover around 15 miles per day with longer and shorter route options often available

Fitness and rider weight

You need to be reasonably fit and have a sense of adventure. There must be a minimum of two adult riders in any group. Our weight limit is 15st/95kg.

How many days would you like to ride for ?