Based Trails - 3 Days - Self Guided - £543

Exploring route choices on trail

Choice of routes to explore each day

Exploring route choices on trail

Swing into the saddle . . .

If you are looking for a horse riding holiday of 3 days or more then a Based Trail can be a good idea. Ride to one of the accommodation options and ride out from there each day. Returning on the final day to Freerein HQ.

Horses tied at the Roundabout

Horses parked for lunch

Your own route . . .

We will provide your own personalized route pack with a good choice of rides returning to your accommodation each day. You are not then committed to reaching a pre-arranged trail stop each night. You have the flexibility to ride any length day from a couple of hours to 6-7 hours in the saddle – it’s entirely up to you.

Ideal for the riding family . . .

Trail riding is a popular activity for families. All can take part and in a self-guided group you can ride at a pace that suits the least experienced rider. If you are not already experienced in trail riding as a family we would suggest booking a based trail.

Ride from 3 to 5 days . . .

Riders on a Based Trail can ride any duration from 3 to 5 days. On all of the days you will have a choice or routes to explore.

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Horse riders and pool on a based trail with Freerein

Riding through the pool

Your Horse Riding Holiday

Ride each day but return to the same base each evening. Great riding on varied terrain with a choice of short, medium or longer days in the saddle. We all look forward to welcoming you on a Based Trail . . .


The price is £543 per person.

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It was great having flexible options on the trail days depending on how everyone was getting on . . .

Based Trails - 3 Days - Self Guided - £543

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