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Christmas Gift Vouchers

Freerein gift vouchers - for a horse riding holiday of the recipients choice

Bob's too late, Mr Snowman's yummy carrot nose has already been eaten - but - good news, you're not too late to purchase a fantastic last minute Christmas gift... ...there are still some Freerein Gift Vouchers left in the haynet, and even better, once ordered it'll be emailed straight to you! The lucky recipient can… Read More »

Wild flowers you may see on trail now

Red Campion

Wild Flowers at FreeRein Here are some of the most prevalent Spring/Early summer Wild Flowers you can spot whilst trail riding at FreeRein. Red Campion (above) – Spot these bright pinky red flowers adorning the sides of the lanes. Red Campion flowers from May to September, it’s already in full bloom on the lanes just… Read More »