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Winged Wonders at Freerein


We are lucky enough at Freerein to be treated to sightings of some fantastic birds whilst out on Trail. Here are the Spring/Summer Top 6. Look out for these whilst exploring with your trusty Freerein steed. Check out these winged wonders at Freerein Riding Holidays. Swallow (Above) Freerein has its own ‘regulars’ who make the… Read More »

Weekend Horse Riding

Horse riding weekend

Weekend Horse Riding Are you interested in joining us for a weekend horse riding? Here we have put together a list of available vacancies for weekend horse riding or longer, over the the next few weeks. New dates have been added for our popular longer trails, the 4 Day Eppynt Ride and the 6 day… Read More »

Time for a Spring Clean

Freerein horses enjoy a spring clean before starting the trail riding season

First up is Freerein Dan - a tail trim, maybe even a little beard trim (at least for the ladies anyway), followed by a thoroughly good brush; and finally a mane and tail shampoo.... A quick rinse a shake... A nicely timed shake   ...and that's it - all ready for trail (or a roll)… Read More »

Adult Learn to Ride

You'll gain lots of experience on our Adult Learn to Ride holidays

Never mind the Grand National - all smiles after the first canter, on the first morning, of the first Onto the Trail Course of 2015...tacked up and heading for a pub lunch today, maybe a lunch time beverage to celebrate - it is holiday time after all!    Read more...Learn to Ride