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Bettws Trail

Self Guided riders follow specially designed route packs to navigate on their horse riding holiday

Explore New Routes . . . The Bettws Trail was first offered to riders in 2014; it has proved extremely popular with fantastic long riding days and great accommodation. This trail ride usually starts at Freerein HQ and heads over Begwns, then travels the length of Glascwm Hill and Gwaunceste Hill. From the mysterious four… Read More »

Begwns Trail

Returning guests on a Self Guided horse riding holiday

Hit the Trail . . . Horses fed and tacked-up, stirrups adjusted, girths tightened, maps and routes studied and checked - now climb or leap into the saddle and ride out onto the Begwns, an atmospheric expanse of bracken covered hill offering panoramic views across Wales and back across the Wye Valley to the Black… Read More »

King Offa’s Trail

Horses and riders trot out the miles ona Self Guided trail riding holiday in the UK

An historic ride . . . This trail ride takes its name from the legendary bad boy, King Offa, who ruled the ancient kingdom of Mercia in the mid to late 8th Century. The best known relic associated with Offa's time is Offa's Dyke, an earthen barrier that runs approximately along the border between England… Read More »

Eppynt Trail

Eppynt riding holiday horses and riders

Head into the hills . . . Arrive Freerein HQ for 9am to meet fellow riders, your guide and horses. As with all our guided riding holidays (except the Trans Cambrian) there is a maximum of 8 riders and luggage is delivered by road. Each night horses are turned out a short walk from your… Read More »

Silver John Trail

View on the riding holiday

Escape to the hills . . . Arrive at Freerein HQ for 9am to meet fellow riders, your guide and horses. The Silver John riding holiday overnight trail inns are usually Roast Ox, Harp Inn, Red Lion & Fforest Inn. All are good sociable places to spend the night with the horses near at hand.… Read More »

Radnor Ronda

Riders on the Radnor Ronda trail

A spectacular trail ride . . . A classic Freerein route & horse riding holiday. This ride circumnavigates the main area of the Great Cambrian Horse Trail network. Covering around 100 miles no part of your route is repeated. An amazing adventure . . . Your seven day adventure through Mid Wales takes in a… Read More »

Red Kite Trail

View on a trail riding holiday towards the Black Mountains

Explore the heart of Mid Wales . . . Starting from Freerein HQ you head northwards over the Begwns to Painscastle then east travelling the old drover trails and open hillside to stay at either the New House Farm or Cwmfillo Guest House. This horse riding holiday then continues northeast towards the New Radnor plain… Read More »

Radnor Fforest

Rider on the Radnor Fforest horse trail

Original Freerein trail . . . This highly recommended original Freerein horse riding holiday was first offered to customers back in 1991. Apart from a couple of accommodation changes this classic route has remained unaltered since. Over 5 days it circumnavigates the Radnor Fforest and climbs to over 2000ft, taking in some of the finest… Read More »

Radnor Hamlets Trail

Rider and two horses rider checking route on horse riding holiday

Radnor Hamlets . . . A fine and varied four days in the Radnor Hills leaving Freerein along the green lanes and hill tracks that are the start of the Begwns Trails. At the end of the first day you and your horses will stay at either Cwmfillo or New House for the night. View… Read More »

Based Trails

Exploring route choices on trail

Swing into the saddle . . . If you are looking for a horse riding holiday of 3 days or more then a Based Trail can be a good idea. Ride to one of the accommodation options and ride out from there each day. Returning on the final day to Freerein HQ. Horses parked for… Read More »