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What To Bring

To ride in

  • Comfortable trousers or jodhpurs.
  • Warm layers/thermals - to put on or take off.
  • Boots - waterproof walking boots that have a heel and good grip on the sole.
  • Waterproof jacket - Goretex or equivalent, these are tied to the front of the saddle when not in use.
  • Waterproof trousers - Goretex or equivalent, these are tied to the front of the saddle when not in use.
  • Half chaps - to prevent your legs from being rubbed by the stirrup leathers.
  • Riding hat - your own hat that is comfortable for you to wear all day.


To pack into saddle bags

  • Packed lunch - for your first day on trail.
  • 1 litre plastic water bottle - x2 if you get thirsty or in hot weather, Volvic/Evian 1L are the ideal size.
  • Sun cream.
  • Mobile phone & camera in a waterproof pouch.
  • Emergency snacks - chocolate or nuts etc for an energy boost.
  • Money/ wallet or purse in a waterproof pouch.


Do not bring these items they are unsuitable for trail riding

  • XX Non waterproof waterproofs/fashion jackets, inflating air jackets XX
  • XX Wellingtons, fashion footwear, training shoes, ponchos, Camelbak, backpacks XX
  • XX Traditional riding boots with a smooth sole / no grip or tread XX



Please arrive at Freerein with two categories of luggage:

1/ One holdall or suitcase or rucksack per rider . . .

- packed and ready to label for road transfer.
OR to repack into expedition saddlebags (for Trans-Cambrian Trails only).

Do not bring a bag that is too big or heavy for one person to lift easily. Aircraft cabin size cases are perfect.

Please do not pack items for luggage transfer in plastic bags; they break and your belongings may get lost.
All you need to pack is spare clothes and footwear for the evening(s) and your wash kit. Towels are provided at all overnight accommodation.

2/ Collection of articles in a large plastic bag . . .

- ready to ride in or pack into the saddle bags.
Waterproofs, hats, half chaps, lunch, water-bottle, sun cream, phone, camera, snacks, spare clothing etc.

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