Freerein banned from TripAdvisor


Why are you banned from tripadvisor?

We do not meet the criteria required to be listed on the popular review site. Activity business’s must offer single day tours to be included (as shown on the screen shot below). Here at Freerein we only have multi-day trail rides traveling from place to place. We offer a minimum of two days riding through the hills, staying overnight at an inn or guest house on a real trail ride. So this does not meet the tripadvisor specification.


But you are on tripadvisor now!

Yes we are and you can find the listing here: Freerein temporary tripadvisor. However this will be deleted and completely removed when one of the tripadvisor staff pick up the listing.

So what happens?

Our customers add us to tripadvisor. Then lots of people leave us reviews – which is great. However when we reach around 100 reviews the listing seems to be automatically manually reviewed. Then it’s deleted, gone with no trace! The current listing (linked above) is our third time round. Please do not review us there, as your effort will be wasted when everything is deleted.

How can I review Freerein Riding Holidays?

There are two easy ways to leave us a review:

1/ Type ‘freerein’ into google then click ‘Write a review’ on your desktop or scroll down and click the ‘Rate and review’ stars on a mobile.

2/ Go to our lively Facebook Page and review us there.

Thanks for reading – Matt : ) – Thats me in the photo heading for the seaside last month on our Trans Cambrian South Trail.