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Freerein in the press

Enjoy relaxed canters on a trysty Freerein steed on your Freerein riding holiday

Here is a list of some of our main newspaper coverage over the last 10 years:

Neil Coates РOnto the Trail РSaturday Times 02/02/05:  The Times

Alex Buxton Р3 Day Unguided РTelegraph 25/06/05:  The Telegraph

Katie Drummond – 3 Day Unguided – Telegragh 12/09/09: The Telegraph

Patricia Carswell – 2 Day Unguided – Observer 01/11/09: The Observer

Alex Buxton – 6 Day Trans Cambrian Unguided – Guardian 26/06/10: The Guardian

Daniel Metcalfe – 3 Day Self-Guided Old Drovers Trail – FT 21/08/10: Financial Times

Ann Atkins – 5 Day Self-Guided Radnor Fforest Trail – Mail 20/08/13: Daily Mail

Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn – 2 Day Self-Guided Begwns Trail – Wall Street Journal 03/10/2013: Wall Street Journal


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