Wild flowers you may see on trail now

Red Campion

Wild Flowers at FreeRein

Here are some of the most prevalent Spring/Early summer Wild Flowers you can spot whilst trail riding at FreeRein.

Red Campion (above) – Spot these bright pinky red flowers adorning the sides of the lanes. Red Campion flowers from May to September, it’s already in full bloom on the lanes just above FreeRein HQ.

Blue bells

Beautiful bluebells


Bluebell – These beautiful flowers form magical carpets on the ground of ancient woodlands. Look out for these in the old drovers lanes and any woodland that you ride through. They make use of the light getting through to the ground level of woodlands before the leaves are fully out.





Cowslip – These spring plants have tube like yellow flowers which are clustered together at the end of tall green stems. You will find these alongside the hedgerows on grassy verges. In folklore, cowslips used to be strewn along church paths for weddings. Lots of these on the lanes just above FreeRein.


Greater Stitchwort

Greater Stitchwort


Greater Stitchwort – Greater Stitchwort grows in woods, roadside verges, hedgerows and grassy banks. It is commonly spotted alongside Bluebells brightening up the green lanes. It has many other common names including ‘Wedding Cakes’ and ‘Snapdragon’ It’s pretty star-shaped, white flowers bloom from April to June; as the seed capsules ripen, they can be heard ‘popping’ in late spring.


Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley


Cow Parsley – These pretty white flowered long stemmed plants are a favourite with the FreeRein Gi Gis, and beneficial to them as well. Cow Parsley aids digestion, has calmative properties and speeds the healing process in horses. If you see a patch of cow parsley by the side of a lane be sure to have a check of your map and enjoy the view so your steed can enjoy a snack!


cuckoo flower

Cuckoo Flower


Cuckoo Flower – This pretty pale pink flower is common in wet grassland areas, look out for it growing by streams and wet meadows. Commonly known as ‘Lady’s-smock’, is a pretty springtime perennial . Its flowers bloom from April to June and are thought to coincide with the arrival of the first cuckoo.