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Wye & Eppynt

The Wye & Eppynt Trail is a challenging 3 day trail ride with long to very long days in the saddle and staying overnight at Felin Fach & Builth Wells.

We all look forward to welcoming you on the Wye & Eppynt Trail Ride . . .

The Wye & Eppynt Trail is a three day trail ride staying overnight at the Old Mill or Wye Knot Stop B&B and the Llanelwedd Arms, Cedars or Bronwye B&B in Builth Wells. The trail explores the upper reaches of the Wye Valley and the eastern side of the Eppynt Mountains. It is three long days in the saddle of 16-18 miles in length.

For Freerein+ trail riders only . . .

Please note that this trail ride is only offered to those with previous experience of one of more Self Guided trail rides with Freerein. If you are contemplating your first Self Guided trail with us you can view a selection of suitable trails by following this link: horse riding holidays.

If some members of your group have done previous Self Guided trails and others haven’t, bookings on Freerein+ trails such as this one should be suitable for you and you are most welcome. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.

Travel a different way from Freerein HQ . . .

Unlike nearly all other trails from Freerein HQ this trail heads directly south west rather than north onto the Begwns. This allows easy access to the banks of the River Wye which this trail follows upstream for a number of miles. These flat fields offer great canter opportunities and completely different scenery to other trails. Please note that there is an unavoidable 1 mile section of main road necessary to join the trail along the Wye, however it is straight with wide grass verges. Your trail brings you down into Llyswen where you will find Wye Knot Stop B&B.

For those heading on to the Old Mill, head up onto the beautiful but seldom explored areas of Brechfa and Llandyfalle Hills offering the green rolling, open hills that are the more familiar terrain of Freereiners. After swinging south the trail leads you to the small village of Felin Fach and The Old Mill. Here you have a choice of two inns to eat at both just 50 yards from the Old Mill.

trail riding wye and eppynt trail
Freerein Alfie about to start the decent down into Builth

Out and over the Eppynt . . .

Refreshed and refueled, day two finds you skirting around the edge the Eppynt on remote open hills and forestry before descending down to the river Wye. Here you stay the evening in Builth Wells at the Llanelwedd Arms, Cedars or Bronwye B&B while the horses graze peacefully on the outskirts of town.

Please note that there are often large events on in Builth Wells so the Wye & Eppynt trail is not always available on weekends.

Ride in perfect horse country . . .

The third and final day starts with a small amount of main road before a steep climb onto Aberedw Hill and stunning views back over the Eppynt and Builth Wells. There is an option to pop down to the Hundred House Inn at Hundred house for lunch before heading back over Glascwm hill to Painscastle. Perhaps a swift beverage here at the Roast Ox before enjoying a last canter or two over the Begwns and back to Freerein HQ.

trail riding wye and eppynt trail
Freerein Alfie about to start the decent down into Builth


  • Day 1

    Arrive at Freerein at 9am. Meet your steeds have a good study of your personalised route pack and head out on trail. Long day this one. Stay overnight at The Old Mill B&B with a choice of evening eateries.

  • Day 2

    Out on on trail all day over the Eppynt - take packed lunch - it's remote - and another long day in the saddle.

  • Day 3

    Arise, enjoy an excellent breakfast then catch your horses. All day out on trail returning to Freerein HQ. Option to lunch at the Hundred House Inn.

Trail riding wye and eppynt trail
Freerein Cariad grazing on the remote Eppynt

Head west from Freerein, canter the banks of the River Wye, explore the wild and remote Eppynt . . .

Wye & Eppynt
3 Days

2020 Pricing:
£730pp all inclusive
[Single Occupancy £790pp]

2020 Booking Conditions

Trail riding wye and eppynt trail
Crossing the suspension bridge over the River Wye
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