Returning Freereiners riding the six day Ithon Explorer or 8 day Catali Trail will find themselves arriving off the beaten track at Brandy House Guest House for an evening; and what a treat it is!

This 20 acre smallholding built several hundred years ago is in an idyllic rural setting. It is nestled in the hills above the small village of Felindre and affords wonderful views of the Upper Teme Valley, an area steeped in history, myth and legend. Medina & Richard are your professional and affable hosts here.

Medina shares a keen interest in horses and trail riding and amongst the old stone buildings and well maintained paddocks you will find quite extensive equestrian facilities here. Your amiable Freerein mounts will spend the evening in one of the nearby paddocks where after their dinner they can enjoy a good roll and of course a munch on the grass.

Richard has a passion for cooking and thoroughly enjoys cooking for guests; in fact he’s getting quite a reputation for his delicious tried and tested home-cooked recipes! The Aga-cooked breakfast is also quite an affair with homemade bread on offer and free range eggs from the Brandy House chickens, whom you will undoubtedly meet during your stay.

The accommodation in this traditional Welsh longhouse comprises of 5 rooms offering modern standards of comfort in a beautiful setting. There is a well established terraced and landscaped garden for guests to enjoy and many resident animals to meet, ranging from the small flock of Welsh Black Mountain sheep to guinea pigs and rabbits. Not to mention the abundance of wildlife, owls, woodpeckers, foxes and Welsh ponies (to name but a few) that inhabit this unspoilt area.

Due to its distance from Freerein HQ, Brandy House is only available to returning guests riding Freerein+ trails.

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